What is
Shamanic Journeying
and how does it work?

Shamanic Journeying is an ancient healing technique that dates back twenty to thirty thousand years.

Shamanic techniques have been used the world over and are common to all of our ancestors.

The Shamanic Journey is a GIFT to humanity.  It enables us to connect with the subconscious mind for healing.  I call it “Tapping into Universal Wisdom.

Are you on your journey to healing? 

During a Shamanic Journey, the shaman travels to other realities, usually by way of a steady, monotonous drum beat. In this trance-like state, the shaman offers her/him-self as a “hollow bone” or “channel” through which healing takes place. These “healings” are guided by power animals and spirit guides, and may be in the form of soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, or extraction.

Shamanic Journeys may be done in person, or by distance. The client may also journey, or may choose just to relax and stay open to the experience. A journey can last anywhere from 5 to thirty minutes. Upon returning, the shaman will relate her journey, and then perform the appropriate healing ceremony.

I have been guiding women like you into these dream-like places for many years.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is an ancient practice of healing trauma.  When someone is traumatized, they often send a piece of their soul, or personal energy, out of their physical body in order to survive the trauma.  


This is known in psychology as “dissociation” or “splitting”, and is an invaluable coping mechanism.  We all dissociate at some times, to one extent or another, depending upon the individual.  


Most often, these soul pieces return on their own when the time is right.  Occasionally, however, the soul piece becomes lost in what shamans refer to as “alternate realities”.


We also engage in what is known as “soul exchange”.  This generally takes place when people are separated by geography, by divorce/separation, or by death.  Sometimes we exchange soul pieces in order to lessen the trauma of separation.  Unfortunately, this results only in burdening both individuals.


A practicing shaman has the ability to “journey” to these other realities on behalf of the client, in order to find and retrieve lost soul pieces.  


After the journey, the shaman will perform a short ceremony in order to blow the soul piece(s) into the heart and crown chakra of the client, thus completing the Soul Retrieval.

About Cate Innish

I am a Shaman, Musician, Teacher, and general Shape-Shifter.  


I moved to the Yukon in 1979, where my spiritual connection to the land, rivers, and trees of this powerful land grew strong.   The spirit of the north has shaped my shamanic practice in many ways.


I began my Shamanic studies in 1994.  During one powerful journey, I learned that I had been a shaman for many lifetimes.  The shamanic journey provides a direct link to universal knowledge and wisdom.  


Spiritual healings brought about through shamanic journeying cause major shifts in life’s patterns in order to facilitate transformation and healing.


The shaman acts as the “hollow bone”, as her spirit guides and power animals ‘work’ in the spiritual realm to guide her to lost soul pieces, power animals, and other healings.


“I was hooked after my first session with Cate.  She blew my socks off with her accuracy, as though she’s watched a movie of my childhood.”

Sherilyn Wells, Astrologer, Hawaii

“Through journeys and shamanic work with Cate, I have stopped being afraid of death.”

Denise Fortin, West Vancouver

Cancellation Policy

24-hour cancellation requested.  Payment is to be made 24 hours before the session.  In case of an emergency last-minute cancellation, re-scheduling is available on a case-by-case basis.

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