For A New Earth:
Getting To Our Roots

Feeling Uprooted?
Unable to Stand Your Ground?
Afraid the ground is going to rise up and swallow you?

I invite you to join me for an online exploration into the world of the shaman where you will learn to journey with your spirit guides for healing and transformation.

Join me in an exploration into our depths in order to:

Discover what it means to follow the Path of the Shaman

Learn How To “Journey” safely and with confidence for healing ourselves and others

Meet and welcome your personal guides in the spiritual realm into your life. They are waiting for you to WAKE UP!

Taking you on the
Journey with the

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a model for journeying into other realities for the purpose of connection – down into the roots first, to be nurtured and nourished; then up through the trunk into the branches and the sky where you will be supported to fly into previously unknown realms of beauty and peace.

If this sounds too ‘airy, fairy’ for you, then please trust your gut.

I have been guiding people like you into these dream-like places for many years.

Because being awakened is going
to change your life...

“Cate Innish is a remarkably accomplished traveler in shamanic realities. She inspires absolute trust and confidence, thanks to her gentle and deeply spiritual nature.”

Sherilyn Wells, Astrologer, Hawaii

I am a woman who believes in questioning authority. This attitude did not endear me to the church, where I yearned for spiritual answers as a child. It wasn’t until I discovered shamanic journeying that I found what a direct contact with the divine really is.

At this time in our lives, you have likely experienced many healing modalities, usually through someone else.

If you question authority and desire direct access to eternal wisdom and healing, the Journey can take you there.

Once we allow ourselves to access these ‘other realities’ with our guides, we can ask questions from the mundane to the mother of all questions – Why Am I Here?

“Getting To Our Roots”
is a practical workshop where you will learn how to access
your own spirit guides through the Shamanic Journey.

It is up to us to provide leadership for our selves, our families and friends, and for Mother Earth.

Shamanic Journeying is an ancient healing technique that our ancestors used to access knowledge for the health and wellbeing of their communities.

I consider it MAGIC! Once you are connected to your roots, you no longer need to look outside your self for the answers nor for healing.

“The secret to the power of the shamanic approach is interest and a willingness to believe that you can do it….The shamanic approach leads people to greater success and effectiveness in the world.”

– Jose & Lena Stevens, “Secrets of Shamanism”

The first time I was guided into a shamanic journey, I met my guide and felt such love, comfort and support that I was ‘hooked’.

Sandra Ingerman described it as being ‘tricked by the universe’. I just knew that I had done this in many lifetimes, and that it was the answer I was searching for – an inner compass that I can rely on to guide me through the challenges of life as a human.

And you’ll find that Shamanic Journeys
opens up new perspectives...

“Through journeys and shamanic work with Cate, I have stopped being afraid of death.”

Denise, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

In this series, I will guide you gently and safely into the ‘other realities’. With the help of the sound and vibration of the drum, you will enter a dream-like state, where you are safe to explore and to meet your guides, ask questions, receive answers and healing.

The past two years have proven that we are in dire need of guidance, and that we cannot simply trust others to have our best interests at heart.

Why not learn a simple method of accessing our own inner guidance? (you do not need to own or play a drum yourself)


Replays will be available for you to watch at your preferred time.

(1.5 Hours Each)

Session 1

What is Shamanism anyway?

1st Saturday

(10 AM – 11:30 AM PST)

– Learn about the ancient practice know as Shamanism

– Discover the three levels of shamanic reality

– Learn about the importance of Trust and Intent in the journey

– Discover the importance and role of the Drum and Song in Shamanic Journeying

– Experience a short shamanic journey to a chosen element of nature

– Q&A

Session 2

Discover Your Power Animals

2nd Saturday

(10 AM – 11:30 AM PST)

– Learn about Power Animals and their role in your life.

– Journey to find a Power Animal for yourself.

– Journey in pairs to find a Power Animal for your partner.

– Questions & Homework: Dance Your PA

Session 3

Journey to the Upper Realms

3rd Saturday

(10 AM – 11:30 AM PST)

– Learn about the ‘upper world’ and who lives there

– Journey with Cate to the upper world to ask for healing and knowledge

– Learn a song from Eagle

– Questions and Homework: Dream Journal

Session 4

Soul Retrieval

4th Saturday

(10 AM – 11:30 AM PST)

– Learn about ‘Soul Loss’ and its consequences

– Discover “Soul Retrieval”, an ancient technique to heal trauma


– Witness Cate’s journey for Soul Retrieval with a volunteer

– Practice Journeying as a group with the drum to request a  healing for a volunteer in the workshop

Session 5


5th Saturday

(10 AM – 11:30 AM PST)

– Review of the first two shamanic healing techniques 

– Discover the 3rd healing method of removing-releasing intrusive energies


– Enter into a Shamanic Journey to release any foreign energies

– Practice journeying for a partner with the intent to remove any intrusive energies

Do you feel more comfortable doing
1:1 Shamanic Coaching instead?

Go on this journey full of healing and self-discovery with me where you’ll be

able to open your eyes to new possibilities.

About Cate

As a young feminist, and with a sociology degree and a music diploma under my wing, I moved north to Whitehorse, Yukon in 1979. There, I pursued my passion for women’s equality and worked with women to help them overcome abuse and violence in their lives and the lives of their children. In fact, it was feminism that first brought me knowledge of a long-ago earth where women and men lived as equals in peace and harmony. Lots of harmony!

When I was first introduced to the Shamanic Journey in 1996, I knew that I had come home. My teacher and my spirit guides assured me that I had been a shaman/witch/spirit healer in many lifetimes and that I had come to this lifetime to witness the return of the light to Earth. And to play my part.

What Shamanic Journeying
can do for you...

Shamanic Journeying brings us into direct contact with our spirit allies, who include trees, flowers, animals, and the natural world around us, as well as our guides, angels, and ancestors from other realms. We begin to build a relationship of trust with our guides and our self – our inner knowing.

Our conscious Self has a practice – The Journey – to connect safely with our subconscious. I call it ‘Getting to Your Roots’. It enables us to bypass our human minds and emotions and to connect with Mother Earth.

Tapping into Universal Wisdom, if you like. Every human has this amazing, magical ability. It’s the most secret of divine gifts to humanity.

Learn How To Answer any YES/NO question
without breaking a sweat!

Shamanism has two basic tenets – Trust and Intent.  This technique addresses the first one: TRUST.

It will teach you to trust your own body.  We think we make decisions with our mind, but the mind can be tricked. The body doesn’t lie.

This simple exercise will allow you to build trust in your own knowing, your own truth.

Because it's more than just life-changing...

“My Shamanic Journey with Cate Innish was profoundly insightful. It was obvious through her instructive guidance beforehand and the sharing afterwards that she is a gifted, experienced practitioner. Her kind compassion and her clarity left me feeling supported and grounded even weeks later. After the last journey, I turned down the job offer. Why can’t I say NO? Turns out, I CAN say NO!!!”

Andrea McKenzie, North Vancouver, British Columbia

will help you to:

– resolve difficult emotional situations

-heal past trauma

-set boundaries and improve self-esteem

– learn who you are and what you want out of the rest of your life

– know that you have personal guides that you CAN RELY ON in ways you could never imagine!

Experience it yourself for:



(bonus for our American neighbours/neighbors)

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